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Brian Williams Helps Jimmy Fallon Slow Jam the News About President Obama’s Immigration Speech (Video)

Williams plays it mostly straight, but he does get in on a parody of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s ”Baby Got Back“

“Hello, I’m Brian Williams of ‘NBC Nightly News’ and ladies and gentlemen, I too wish to slow jam this news.”

“The Tonight Show’s” Jimmy Fallon was joined on-stage Tuesday night for the latest installment in his popular “Slow Jam the News” segment. He and Williams broke down the immigration plan that President Barack Obama presented in his latest address.

Williams played it mostly straight throughout the bit, presenting the immigration policy President Obama laid out in his speech, during which he called for Congress to “pass a bill,” as well as the potential Republican responses.

“Take it from my man Breezy Weezy,” Fallon sang. “Obama’s been waiting for Congress to make the first move so he can whip out his John Hancock and sign a bill. So far, they’ve done nothing, so he’s just been sitting around the White House with his Bic in his hand.”

The bit seemed to get off-track when Williams announced that Tuesday was also his 10-year anniversary behind the NBC anchor desk, but it was all part of the plan.

Fallon gave him a back-handed congratulations which somehow segued into a nice plug for NBC’s upcoming “Peter Pan Live” event, starring Williams’ daughter, Allison Williams.

Watch Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams “Slow Jam the News” here.

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