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Brian Williams Ends Friday Show With Shadiest Shade on Trump’s Elusive Health Care Plan (Video)

”We know it’s out there because he told us,“ the MSNBC anchor says

Brian Williams delivered the shadiest shade on President Donald Trump to end his Friday night show on MSNBC — particularly on the administration’s still unspecified plans to replace Obamacare.

“The last thing before we go tonight — While a lot of us are, let’s call it, out of circulation during this pandemic, if you do go out this weekend, please do so safely and please pay special attention to your surroundings,” Williams said as he began his sign-off.

“Situational awareness, they call it. Look around and look hard because you can be part of a great national effort to find the president’s health care plan,” he continued, before delivering a rhetorical coup de grace. “We know it’s out there because he told us.”

During Thursday’s debate with Democratic rival Joe Biden, Trump renewed his criticism of the Affordable Care Act passed under the Obama administration and pledged to dismantle it — including in arguments scheduled next month before the U.S. Supreme Court.

But Trump continued to avoid offering any details about what his administration would do to replace the ACA, which provides health insurance to 20 million Americans and guarantees coverage for up to 133 million people with preexisting medical conditions, according to a 2017 analysis from the Department of Health and Human Services.

“I’d like to terminate Obamacare, come up with a brand new, beautiful health care,” Trump said Thursday — repeating a campaign pledge that he made throughout the 2016 campaign.

Watch the sign-off below.