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‘Bridesmaids’ the Sequel? The Director’s Up for the Challenge

Paul Feig says a sequel to Universal’s raunchy chick comedy has already been discussed

"Bridesmaids" hasn't been open a week, and there's already talk of a sequel.

Well duh.

Nothing's official — but director Paul Feig told Vulture Wednesday that a followup to the raunchy chick comedy has been kicked around. 

Universal's movie already has grossed nearly $33 million worldwide — about a half-million dollars more than its production budget.

So a sequel, a la "The Hangover," the movie it was frequently compared to pre-debut, is a no-brainer.

Privately, Universal execs acknowledge that they'd love to see it happen. But for now, they say, their focus is on keeping the movie a hit.

Asked about a sequel, Feig himself sounded cautiously optimistic.

"I mean, it depends how we do in the next couple weeks, but I know there's definitely … it's already been brought up," he told Vulture.

He said that it would be a crime not to use a group this talented again. "You just want to make sure that you do it as well as you did the first one and try to make it better, even."