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#BringBackObama Trends Amidst Trump Jr Controversy: ‘Finally, a Hashtag I Can Get Behind’

”Remember when the most ‘unpresidential’ thing he did was wear a tan suit?“

Many online paid tribute to Barack Obama’s presidency on Wednesday morning via the hashtag #BringBackObama on Twitter. His absence in the White House is particularly felt by his supporters in wake of Tuesday’s development regarding Donald Trump Jr.’s emails, in which the president’s eldest son set up a meeting with a Kremlin-related lawyer during his father’s presidential campaign.

“Every normal person misses decency, morality, intelligence, leadership, strength, patriotism,” one Twitter user said. “I really wish we could #BringBackObama,” another user tweeted. “Remember when the most ‘unpresidential’ thing he did was wear a tan suit?”

Another user addressed the latest report about the current president. “Not once in 8 years did Obama have to address reports that he was wasting the presidency watching TV.”

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, Jr posted emails on Twitter that showed the setting up of a meeting between himself and a Kremlin-related lawyer last year. This occurred amidst an investigation into the Trump administration’s possible collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

Trump has defended his son, however, and the White House says that the president had no knowledge of the meeting. Nonetheless, the emails seem, at least, like opening the door to collusion — Trump, Jr. responded “I love it” to the possibility of getting dirt on democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Here’s Trump, Jr’s tweet with his email chain:

Here’s some of the best #BringBackObama tweets:


Those on the right have been quick to chime in as well.