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Britney Spears Is Jimmy Fallon’s Summer Camp Pal in ‘Ew!’ Sketch (Video)

”We’re practically twins!“

Britney Spears was Jimmy Fallon’s latest guest on his hilarious “Ew!” sketch, with the duo playing two best friends from summer camp.

Sara (Fallon) and Abby (Spears) reminisce about their summer and Abby’s love for horses when Sara asks whether Abby has already posted her Throwback Thursday photo.

“We’re practically twins!” Sara tells Abby when they show their baby photos to each other.

When asked if they’ll go back to camp next summer, Abby starts belting out her hit “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet Woman.”

Of course, Sara’s stepdad Gary had to make an appearance that would annoy Sara as usual — this time, he calls them from the produce aisle of the grocery store. Then, Sara and Abby play the “Ew!” game, in which Sara holds up pictures of people, places and things to which Abby has to respond “ew!”

Sara shows pictures of matcha-flavored ice cream, “those weird pop up phone holder things” and sun-dried tomatoes before holding up a picture of Steve Carell — which is where they disagree.

“He’s a really talented actor, have you ever seen ‘Despicable Me 3?'” asks Abby.

Of course, Sara ends the episode with a selfie with Abby.

Watch the video above.