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Britney Spears Takes Iggy Azalea Under Her Wing to Become ‘Pretty Girls’ (Video)

The song is about as catchy as a ball of thorns, but the video is a fun nod to the ’80s

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea’s new song “Pretty Girls” isn’t nearly as catchy as Azalea’s breakout hit “Fancy,” but the music video for it deserves to be seen.

The video features Spears as a dumb blonde taking dumb extraterrestrial Azalea under her wing after the alien lands her spacecraft in Spears’ pool.

The makeover includes a new head of hair, new clothes and a new vocabulary, which allows Azalea to do her best impression of an alien attempting to mimic, like, totally awesome ’80s valley girl behavior.

Another highlight includes Azalea’s “radical alien powers” turning a dated phone into a product placement opportunity for Samsung.

Watch the music video above.