‘Brockmire’ Insults Every Member of Charles’ Family at Awkward Dinner (Exclusive Video)

And then Hank Azaria character defends his, err, baseball bat as being “exactly average”

Jim Brockmire can dish it out — but he sure can’t take it.

On Wednesday’s “Brockmire,” the baseball announcer goes to dinner with producer Charles’ family, and Hank Azaria’s IFC character manages to insult every single one of them.

Calling his young friend’s mom an “emotionally manipulative narcissist,” like Brockmire does in TheWrap‘s exclusive sneak peek, was perhaps one step too far.

“That jacket you like to wear looks like the carpet at a motel that charges by the hour,” she shoots back, adding: “Only a degenerate and a fool would eat a stranger’s a–, and any man who does must be compensating for his tiny pecker.”

“I have been told that I am exactly average by sex workers around the world in 16 different languages,” Brockmire interjects.

Atta boy — you don’t have to listen to that.

Watch the video above.

“Brockmire” airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on IFC.