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‘Brockmire': Jules Pulls a Gun on Jim While He’s Just Trying to Take a Leak (Exclusive Video)

And then a knife

With no real baseball this spring, at least we’ve got “Brockmire.” For another two weeks, that is.

Jim and Jules have a weird relationship. Currently, the main point of contention is Polly Pop-its — that’s Jules’ handgun, a scary sight she whips out while Brockmire is just trying to take a leak. That “bad bitch” got her through the (hopefully) fictitious Pennsylvania Water Riots, the Amanda Peet character says in the comedy series’ penultimate episode, which airs on Wednesday.

Brockmire (Hank Azaria) is anti-gun, a minority point of view in the 13-years-ahead dystopian future that the end of the IFC comedy occupies.

“America has more guns than trees now,” Jim quips in the preview clip, which is exclusive to TheWrap. At this pace, our reality may not need to wait for 2033 for that to ring true.

Jules may be willing to retire Polly to the gun safe for good, so long as Jim is cool with knives. The personal protection angle isn’t the only negotiation Jim and Jules are currently opposed on: The two are also trying to work out a new union agreement.

Watch the video above.

“Brockmire” follows Jim Brockmire, a famed major league baseball announcer who suffered a notorious public breakdown after stumbling upon his wife’s (Katie Finneran) infidelity.

In Season 4, the final run of the sitcom, a sober Brockmire is the commissioner of baseball, tasked with saving America’s pastime as the world around him descends into chaos. He’s also trying to salvage his relationship with his newfound daughter (Reina Hardesty). And then there’s the Jules thing.

“Brockmire” originally appeared as a Funny Or Die short. The TV series is written and developed by Joel Church-Cooper. This season, Azaria, Church-Cooper, Mo Marable, Mike Farah and Joe Farrell are executive producers. Marable directs.

The second-to-last episode of “Brockmire,” titled “Union Negotiations,” airs Wednesday at 10/9c on IFC. The series finale airs the following week in the same time slot.