‘Brockmire’ Season 4 Premiere: It’s 2030, and Jim Brockmire Just Wants to Watch VR Porn in Peace (Exclusive Video)

But his daughter shows up and spoils baseball announcer’s gross Ann-Margaret fantasy

Hank Azaria’s Jim Brockmire just can’t get any peace and quiet — not even enough to masturbate in his own home in the year 2030.

On the premiere of the fourth and final season of IFC’s “Brockmire,” the legendary baseball announcer is “like a kid in a candy store” with his new hi-tech on-demand porn-projection device, Mr. Magorium’s Masturbatorium.

But just as he tests out the futuristic — and creepy — system’s voice activation (“Ann-Margaret, and let’s have her sitting on my face”), his daughter Floribeth (Reina Hardesty) comes home with news that she got accepted to NYU. The news doesn’t sit well with Brockmire, who wanted her to stay in Missouri.

“New York is now just a flooded playground for the 1% of the 1%,” he tells his daughter. “The Bronx is now Brooklyn, Brooklyn is now Manhattan, Manhattan is now Dubai.”

“The worst part is, Staten Island is still just Staten Island,” Brockmire continued. “That thing is a civic blackhole that the light of gentrification and human decency can’t penetrate.”

Watch the sneak peek, which is exclusive to TheWrap, via the video above.

Below is IFC’s Season 4 description, which ought to make the time jump a bit clearer:

We start the episode in Manila in the year 2020. We meet a young girl named Floribeth who becomes obsessed with her favorite TV personality, a drunk Filipino soap opera star from the past named Jim Brockmire. She learns this is actually her father and when the aunt taking care of her suddenly dies she is sent to America to live with him. Jim, now a few years sober, is living in Kansas City and back to broadcasting. He pledges to take on his role of father very seriously and this becomes his new addiction.

Flash to the present — 2030 — The world is in chaos. Water shortages, land disputes, and wildfires are the norm. Baseball is also in decline. The world may be going to hell but at least Jim is broadcasting his favorite sport and has the love of his 18-year-old daughter who is living with him. Jim then learns baseball is worse off than he thought and will no longer be viable within five years, and his daughter is moving to New York for college because she needs some space from her overbearing father. So he does the only thing he can and follows his daughter to New York and becomes the Commissioner of Baseball. 

Season 4 of “Brockmire” premieres Wednesday, March 18 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on IFC.