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Bromstad Says Emmys Shouldn’t Shift Writers’ Awards

Defends attempts to put some life back into the show.

NBC Entertainment chief Angela Bromstad says the Emmys need to change — but she’s not so sure about the plan to shift the drama writing award from the live show.


Bromstad Wednesday sounded a note of sympathy for CBS executives, who are deeply involved with helping the TV Academy tweak the broadcast this year.


"On some level, (CBS execs) are doing the work for all of us," Bromstad told TheWrap. "We need this show to be more commercial and successful. It had gotten too long."


And yet, while Bromstad conceded the need for change, she said she wasn’t convinced preliminary plans to timeshift the best drama writing award made sense.


"In a writer-driven medium like television, to take out the drama series writers — that would not have been something we would have done," she said.


"Movies and miniseries, I understand that move," Bromstad added. "It’s painful, but I understand it."


The Writers and Directors Guilds have both expressed strong disagreement with the planned Emmy modifications and have threatened to go back on their deals with the TV Academy giving the Academy reduced rights fees for clips.