‘The Zoo’: Camel Gets a Toupee to Cover Abscess – and, We Guess, His Bald Spot (Exclusive Video)

Max is ready for the lady camels

Max is a “handsome” and “regal” camel, according to his handlers at the Bronx Zoo. Unfortunately, he’s just developed an abscess on the top of his head — call in the wigmakers.

Abscesses can be uncomfortable, and this particular one is probably also not a good look in front of the lady camels.

As a solution, the zookeepers chronicled on Animal Planet’s “The Zoo” have made Max a toupee to wear. Yes, for real.

The piece, made out of shed camel wool that zookeepers have collected, will help keep the bugs away. Some fly repellent cream should help it stay in place.

“OK, time for the hairpiece,” one calls out in TheWrap’s exclusive sneak peek preview of Sunday’s Season 3 premiere.

Readers can watch the thing get made and applied via the video above. Max is now ready for his closeup.

Season 3 of “The Zoo” premieres Sunday at 8/7c on Animal Planet.