‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ on NBC Will Have ‘No Substantive Changes,’ Showrunner Dan Goor Says

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Keep it together, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” fans — almost nothing about your favorite sitcom is changing for the upcoming season. Save that whole new network thing, that is.

When asked Wednesday by a reporter if the show’s first season on NBC will be exactly what we would have gotten had it continued on Fox, showrunner Dan Goor said the following: “I think you’re giving us an immense amount of credit to think that we’ve planned a whole season in advance. But yes, it is– the mandate from NBC… has been, ‘We know this show, we love this show, that’s why we picked up this show, please keep making the same show.’”

“There are no substantive changes in terms of our approach to the show or anything else,” he added.

Later during his panel at the Television Critics Association press tour, Goor listed the ways “Brooklyn” would be “better” on NBC than Fox, something he joked about earlier with the journalists in the room.

Here’s what fans can expect in terms of improvements: “It will be funnier, more heartfelt, better guest stars, more everything, longer, shorter,” Goor quipped.

Pretty comprehensive list.

Season 6 of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” will premiere on NBC in midseason. It was picked up by the home to “The Good Place” roughly 24 hours after Fox canceled the critically beloved comedy.