‘Brothers’ Getting a Sunday Tryout on Fox

Network slots extra episode of the low-rated freshman comedy. Plus: What’s up with “Dollhouse”?

Fox is showing some love to "Brothers."

The network just told affiliates it will air an original episode of its first-year comedy this Sunday at 7 (instead of a planned repeat of "The Cleveland Show," now set for 7:30 p.m.). "Brothers" will also air an original episode in its usual Friday slot.

"Brothers," like all of Fox’s Friday lineup, has been barely registering on the Nielsen meter since its debut late last month. This move could be Fox’s way of seeing if there’s room for a family-themed, live-action half-hour on Sundays (once home to "Malcolm in the Middle").

Still no word on other possible Friday schedule changes. Industry types are waiting to see if the network will pull the plug on "Dollhouse."

It seems likely the Joss Whedon show will air as planned this week (no guarantees, though). Then, next week, Fox is slated to have baseball coverage on Fridays.

This week’s ratings will likely be key, as will data from DVR recording of the show.