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Bruce Dern Thinks He’s a Millionaire in ‘Nebraska’ Trailer (Video)

Will Forte, who plays Dern’s estranged son, thinks his alcoholic father is living in a fantasy

Will Forte has a big problem in the first trailer for Alexander Payne‘s black-and-white drama “Nebraska.”

His dad, Bruce Dern, thinks he’s a millionaire, is telling people he’s a millionaire, and people expect him to share the wealth if he is a millionaire. The catch is, Forte is pretty positive his aging father is most definitely not a millionaire.

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The Paramount release, which is already being lauded as an Oscar contender after being screened at the fall film festivals, follows Dern on a quest to Nebraska to claim a¬†Publisher’s Clearing House-type sweepstake prize. Even though his estranged son tells him “it’s a complete scam,” he tags along anyway because he doesn’t see any harm in letting his father live out his fantasy for a couple more days.

Stacy Keach co-stars as one of Dern’s old acquaintances who expects his fair share of the cash, and June Squibb (“About Schmidt”) plays Dern’s dismissive wife, while “Breaking Bad” favorite Bob Odenkirk also makes an appearance.

“Nebraska” hits theaters on Nov. 22. Watch the trailer below: