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Bruce Jenner to Diane Sawyer in New Teaser: ‘My Whole Life Has Been Getting Me Ready for This’ (Video)

The ABC News special is set to air Friday, April 24

ABC News released the second promo Tuesday for the highly anticipated “Bruce Jenner — The Interview” with Diane Sawyer.

“My whole life has been getting me ready for this,” Jenner tells Diane Sawyer in the new teaser.

The sit-down has so far been promoted with taglines: “The Journey, The Decisions, The Future.”

The two-hour special is expected to be Jenner’s official announcement to the world that he is undergoing gender reassignment, which has been widely speculated on for months.

ABC has previously described the interview as “far-ranging,” but have remained cagey on other details.

David Sloan is the senior executive producer for next week’s TV event; Mark Robertson and Jessica Velmans are senior producers, and Margaret Dawson and Sean Dooley are lead producers on the “20/20” episode.

On Friday, the broadcast network shared the first 15-second teaser. Two days earlier, new information about the ABC News presentation was reported by TMZ. The online publication stated that Jenner will “present himself as a woman publicly for the first time” and bid “farewell to Bruce.” But Jenner is not expected to reveal his new name or dress like a woman on-camera.

“Bruce will chronicle his life from age 5, where he identified as a woman,” the site wrote.

“Jenner — who did numerous interviews for the special over a period of time — talks about the difficulties he’s had in life living as a man but not feeling like one,” it continued. “He also spends significant time talking about the impact his decision to have a sex change has had on his family.”

Jenner has also made headlines this year for his involvement in a tragic car accident that left one dead and injured seven.

Watch the video above.

“Bruce Jenner – The Interview” airs April 24 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

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