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Bruce Jenner Threatens to Sue Over Dress Photos

”Bruce Jenner is going to enforce his right to privacy,“ celebrity’s attorney says

Bruce Jenner is threatening to take legal action over photos of him in a dress that were shot by the New York Daily News last week and also aired on CNN.

According to The New York Post, Jenner complained that the photos violated his privacy because they were taken by a telephoto lens from over a mile away.

Jenner’s spokesperson told the Post: “Both Daily News and CNN pulled the photos sold to them by X17 once they found out they were illegally obtained. The agency no longer is selling those photos [since] they confirmed they were shot illegally.”

California law finds photographers liable for invasion of privacy if they capture images of people in “personal or familial activity” using telephoto lenses. Pictures of Jenner were shot with him wearing a striped dress outside his Malibu home.

Jenner’s attorney, Marty Singer, said: “The photos were clearly unlawfully taken from a very long distance using an enhancement device. Bruce Jenner is going to enforce his right to privacy.”

Jenner’s primetime interview with Diane Sawyer reached 17.1 million people, a 15-year ratings high for ABC’s 20/20. Jenner and Sawyer have been mostly lauded in the media for the interview.

Sawyer has been praised for being a master listener and letting Bruce tell his story without being overly aggressive. Although there has been a minority of naysayers, a majority on social media supported Jenner during and after the special, praising his courage and frankness in opening up about his transgender transitioning.

The New York Daily New did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment regarding Jenner’s lawsuit threat.

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