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‘Celebrity Family Feud’ Fail: Steve Harvey Wants to Know ‘What the F–‘ Bruce Smith Just Said About Captain Hook and ‘a Penis’ (Video)

Concussions are no laughing matter, but this NFL Hall-of-Famer’s brain activity is

Bruce Smith amassed an incredible 200 sacks in his NFL Hall of Fame career. On Sunday, however, it was Smith getting piled on in what is sure to become a “Family Feud” Hall of Fame moment.

Smith was selected as the second man to play the “Fast Money” round on this weekend’s “NFLPA Hall of Famers vs. NFLPA Rising Stars” episode of “Celebrity Family Feud.” He had a very second-rate response to the very first question.

Host Steve Harvey posed the survey question: “If Captain Hook was moonlighting as a handyman, he might replace his hook with what tool?”

Smith initially answered with “a hammer.” Logical, but it was taken by his predecessor player. After getting the duplicate answer buzz, Smith responded with “a penis.”

Harvey seemingly didn’t notice the insane answer at first, moving right along into the next question with the clock ticking.

“Tell me the age a kid is too old to sleep with a teddy– What the f— did he just say?” Harvey said, catching up to the moment.

“Your ass is going on YouTube though,” Harvey told Smith. “You’re gonna be the greatest clip ever played!”

“I guess for you, that would be your other weapon,” the comedian went in on the former Buffalo Bills and Washington Redskins defensive end. “‘Well if I can’t use my hook, I’ll tell you what. I bet I got something that’ll get the job done, hold tight. You use your hook if you want to. I’m gonna use this here.'”

Smith’s ass did make it onto YouTube.

Watch the video above.

Amazingly, Smith actually helped the hall of famers reach their goal in the “Fast Money” round, topping 200 points. “Penis” didn’t chip in at all, it was producers and Harvey giving Smith a second chance on another question that did the trick.

“Celebrity Family Feud” airs Sundays at 8/7c on ABC.