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Bruce Willis Brings the Pain to Jason Patric in ‘The Prince’ First Trailer (Video)

Willis takes the ”eye for an eye“ approach to vengeance

Bruce Willis had to watch his daughter get blown up, so he’s going to make sure Jason Patric feels the same pain, kicking off the first trailer for thriller “The Prince,” the newest thriller from Brian A Miller.

“The Prince” refers to the old codename for Patric’s character Paul, from the days when he used to assassinate people. Now he’s gotten out and is working as a mechanic, but Willis’ Omar is not likely to let him go that easily. Omar kidnaps Paul’s daughter and has unspeakable things in store for her, unless Paul shows up to confront him himself.

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This is apparently the third feature that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson has starred in opposite Willis. His role is mysterious, uttering only, “he’s got something special planned for your baby girl,” making Paul in more of a hurry than ever. John Cusack is also lurking about and “90210” star Jessica Lowndes is here to ask obvious questions like, “Why are there a bunch of men after a mechanic from Mississippi?”

“The Prince” releases in theaters and on demand on Aug. 22.