Bruce Willis ‘Death Wish’ Trailer Blasted as ‘Alt-Right Fan Fiction’

A lot of people are seeing connections between the remake and the current political moment

bruce willis death wish

The trailer for Eli Roth’s upcoming remake of “Death Wish” might have misjudged the current moment, at least going by the rather harsh reaction from many viewers.

A remake of the 1974 exploitation film starring Charles Bronson, “Death Wish” centers on Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis), a family man who embarks on a vigilante killing spree in the streets of Chicago after criminals break into his house and kill his wife and assault his daughter.

It’s essentially the same as the plot of the original film, but in 2017, at least for many observers, it felt a little too pandering to a certain political demographic. Within minutes of its debut this morning, it was being blasted as “nakedly fascist,” “a poor fit for America’s fraught political climate,” and even “alt-right fan fiction.”

See a sample of reactions below.

Watch the trailer for the 2017 remake of “Death Wish” below.

For what it’s worth, the original film was also controversial for its depiction of vigilante revenge fantasies in an era defined by violent urban crime and significant social tensions. You can see the original film’s trailer here.

“Death Wish” is set to hit theaters in November.