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Grumpy Bruce Willis Sabotages ‘Red 2’ Promotional Interview (Video)

The actor does not appear to be enjoying the "Red 2" promotional tour in new interview with London radio station

Bruce Willis was in no mood to be bothered about his new movie, "Red 2," during an interview in London where he was supposed to be promoting "Red 2."

Jamie Edwards, an entertainment correspondent for London radio station Magic 105.4, tried his hardest to engage the action icon and his co-star, Mary-Louise Parker, with a series of friendly questions, but Willis did not want to play ball. When Edwards asked what his favorite European shooting location was while filming the action-comedy sequel, Willis answered, "Istanbul," which Edwards knew was not an actual filming location. 

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"At least it proves I've seen the film," Edwards joked — but not to Willis' amusement.

"Has any actor ever told you this, Jamie?" Willis said while stiffening up. "This part is not acting, what we're doing right now. You might be, but we're just selling the film now. Sales. The fun part was making the movie."

"So how would you sell me the film then?" Edwards asked.

"I wouldn't," Willis said. "I would slash my hooves."

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Edwards tried to express that he genuinely enjoyed the movie, which only appeared to make Willis more suspicious. "Oh yeah, yeah? Yeah?," he questioned.

Willis made his feelings perfectly clear toward the end of the awkward exchange when Edwards asked about driving.

"I'm thinking about driving right now," Willis said. "I can hardly keep my mind on this interview."

Watch the 58-year-old actor's unintentional audition tape for a "Grumpy Old Men" remake, below: