Bryan Cranston Is Santa’s Most Annoying Elf on the Shelf (Video)

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake

James Corden’s sketch with Bryan Cranston as his all-seeing Elf on the Shelf could have gone in a much-darker direction, right “Breaking Bad” fans?

The man best-known for playing Walter White got his jollies in on Monday, keeping an eye on the “Late Late Show” host’s every move for the big guy up North. You know Santa Claus gets these reports directly, so stuffing the doll into a blender and chopping Cranston up probably didn’t land Corden on the “Nice” list.

That wasn’t the only fisticuffs in the CBS sketch.

In a fit of rage (and an attempt to finally shut Cranston up) Corden duct-taped the elf’s mouth shut, but the little creature’s annoying heckling continued. Finally, the late-night host resorted to throwing Cranston off the roof of CBS studios. And, well, you can guess how effective that was.

Watch the video above.