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Bryan Cranston Goes Viral After Dropping ‘Your Mom’ Joke, Then Mic at Comic-Con Panel (Video)

”Breaking Bad“ star gives hilarious response to Alburquerque teenager asking what the actor liked about the New Mexico city

Bryan Cranston delivered an epic “your mom” joke at Comic-Con after an Albuquerque native asked the actor what he thought about the city where hit AMC drama “Breaking Bad” was filmed.

“How was it?” the boy asked Cranston during a panel promoting “SuperMansion,” a Crackle animated series about aging superheroes. “It’s my hometown, I just want to know, how’d you like it? Did you have fun there?”

“Yeah, I’d go and visit your mother once in a while!” Cranston replied.

The crowd erupted in applause. And then the actor dropped his mic.

The video hit YouTube on Friday, and over 4.1 million people have gotten a good laugh at an Albuquerque boy’s expense since then.

Cranston seemed pretty proud of his joke, which gained immediate traction with the Twitter and Reddit communities.

Cranston played Walter White, aka Heisenberg, on “Breaking Bad,” which wrapped up its five-season run in 2013. The story followed White, a high school chemistry teacher who is trying to make ends meet before he gets diagnosed with cancer. Together with Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul,) he turns to making crystalized methamphetamine in an RV to secure his family’s financial future before he dies.

Watch the video.