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Sorry, Conspiracy Theorists: Bryan Cranston Says ‘Walter White Is Definitely Dead. He’s Dead, He’s Dead, He’s Dead. He’s Dead’ (Video)

And thus did not become the dad on ”Malcolm in the Middle“

Despite Bryan Cranston lying to Jimmy Fallon’s face about the “Breaking Bad” movie “El Camino,” the “Tonight Show” host had the actor back on his NBC late-night series on Monday.

Ok fine, we’re all over it — including Fallon. After all, the very good “Breaking Bad” sequel film was only made all the more exciting by all of the secrecy surrounding production.

Anyway, last night, Fallon ran a popular (for its pure silliness, not out of an abundance of logic) conspiracy theory by his guest Cranston. As the theory goes, Walter White never actually died at the end of “Breaking Bad,” but rather that the ficticious meth-making character lived and started a brand new life as the goofy dad in the “Malcolm in the Middle” universe, making the violent drug-dealing drama a prequel to the very light-hearted sitcom.

That’d be a pretty tough pill to swallow for Walt Jr. and Holly.

Anyway, if you’re following along at home, that would make the timeline look like this: “Better Call Saul” –> “Breaking Bad” –> “El Camino” –> “Malcolm in the Middle.”

After initially entertaining the fun fan theory for Fallon’s TV audience, Cranston definitively stated (again) that Jesse Pinkman’s former high-school chemistry teacher died in the “Breaking Bad” series finale, “Felina.”

“Walter White is definitely dead,” Cranston said last night. “He’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead. He’s dead.”

We think he might be dead. To be sure, watch the video above.