Bryan Singer Accuser Michael Egan Drops Sex Abuse Lawsuit (Update)

Egan had accused the “X-Men” director of sexually abusing him when Egan was a minor

Bryan Singer and Michael Egan
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Updated, Wednesday 6:18 p.m.: “We’re very pleased and my client is looking forward to moving on,” attorney Marty Singer told TheWrap on behalf of his client Bryan Singer.

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Bryan Singer just received some good news from the legal system on Wednesday. And some bad news.

Michael Egan, who had accused the “X-Men” director of sexually abusing him when he was a minor, has voluntarily dismissed his lawsuit against Singer.

Egan filed suit against Singer and others in April, claiming that he had been sexually abused as a teenager.

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U.S. district judge Susan Oki Mollway granted Egan’s motion for voluntary dismissal in U.S. District Court in Hawaii on Wednesday.

Egan’s motion to voluntarily dismiss his case against Singer comes following a series of legal setbacks for Egan. His attorney, Jeff Herman, filed a motion to withdraw as Egan’s counsel in May, and earlier this year Egan dropped his lawsuits against former Disney executive David Neuman, former television executive Garth Ancier and Broadway producer Gary Goddard.

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While Egan’s dismissal of the lawsuit is good news for Singer, it isn’t a completely satisfactory resolution. Egan’s suit was dismissed without prejudice — an option that gives Egan leeway to refile a claim against Singer, and one that Singer’s legal team had argued against in a court filing earlier this month.

Singer’s legal team argued that dismissal without prejudice would harm Singer.

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“By allowing Egan to walk away from this lawsuit now — without any consequences whatsoever — would be inherently prejudicial to Singer,” Singer’s motion earlier this month read.

However, Judge Mollway wrote Wednesday, “Defendant fails to demonstrate that he will suffer plain legal prejudice as a result of voluntary dismissal under Rule 41(a) (2).”

Mollway also denied Singer’s request for attorneys’ fees and costs, noting that the director had not provided any indication of what his legal costs were.

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“Defendant fails … to even identify what his fees and costs are,” Mollway wrote. “This court is left with no basis on which to evaluate the fees and costs requested.”

Singer’s attorney, Marty Singer, told TheWrap on Wednesday evening, “We’re very pleased and my client is looking forward to moving on.” When asked if the “X-Men” director had offered Egan a financial settlement, attorney Singer said, “There is absolutely no settlement.”

On Wednesday, Egan also filed to dismiss lawsuits that he had filed against four anonymous defendants.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.