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Bryon Rubin Named Chief Operating Officer for CBS Entertainment Group

He will continue to serve as chief financial officer for CBS Entertainment Group

CBS Entertainment Group CFO (chief financial officer) Bryon Rubin has added the title of COO (chief operating officer) to his business card.

In his new role, Rubin will oversee all financial and business operations that support the divisions of the CBS Entertainment Group, according to CBS. Those are: CBS Television Network (CBS Entertainment, CBS News and CBS Sports), CBS Studios, CBS Television Stations and CBS Television Distribution, which is the company’s first-run syndication division.

“Bryon is uniquely qualified to more broadly lead our financial and business operations and to take on an important strategic role as well. His deep knowledge of CBS and so many critical parts of our business – broadcast, production, digital, syndication, stations – will be an enormous asset to our Group,” CBS Entertainment Group President and CEO (chief executive officer) George Cheeks said on Wednesday in an announcement to media. “His insight and counsel since I arrived at CBS in March have been invaluable, and I look forward to partnering with him as we continue to define and position CBS for a rapidly changing media world.”

Rubin will work with Cheeks on operational matters for the group and strategies to grow all CBS businesses, this morning’s press release reads.

“CBS is an iconic brand with a powerful combination of businesses and terrific leaders across the Group,” Rubin, who reports to Cheeks, said. “I’m excited to support George’s leadership goals and strategies and work with all my colleagues to drive our business during this evolutionary time.”

Rubin joined CBS in 1999. He’s previously served as CFO of the CBS Television Network, executive vice president of corporate development for CBS Corporation, and CFO of CBS Interactive.

Prior to CBS, Rubin worked in investment banking and public accounting. He is a graduate of Lehigh University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.