BTS and Jimmy Fallon Dance Out Their Emotions, From ‘Shy’ to ‘Watching Netflix for 5 Hours and Getting a Dead Leg’ (Video)

“Accidentally taking a sip of someone else’s drink” is a very different experience for Jin and Jimmy

Jimmy Fallon and BTS worked out their emotions through some competitive interpretive dance on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.”

The NBC late-night host and RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V and Jungkook faced off in three rounds of “Dance Your Feelings,” which required pairs to go toe-to-toe in dance-offs and embodied random feelings. These emotions ranged from your standards like “calm,” “shy” and “surprised” to the much more specific, but still relatable, “watching Netflix for 5 hours and getting a dead leg” and “your jacket getting stuck in a car door.”

And it turns out that Fallon and the members of BTS all have very different interpretations of feelings, like Jung Kook and V’s versions of “joyful” and the “Tonight Show” host and Jin’s expressions of “accidentally taking a sip of someone else’s drink.”

The final third round came down to j-hope and Jin, who had to dance out the feeling of the dreaded binge-watching dead leg, with Jin coming out on top. But look, that’s a really hard emotion for everyone to go through, so we’re going to say that it was a pretty close race to the finish there.

Watch BTS and Fallon’s feelings-filled dance competition via the “Tonight Show” segment video above.

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