Bud Light Pays Tribute to Guy Who Caught World Series Homer but Didn’t Drop Beer (Video)

Funny, super-sappy ads commemorate the achievement

Jeff Adams Nationals Astros World Series Beer Catch Bud Light
Getty Images

Washington Nationals fan Jeff Adams became an instant meme last Sunday, during Game 5 of the 2019 Major League Baseball World Series, when he caught a home run ball while double-fisting cans of Bud Light — and didn’t spill a drop of his beer.

In the game’s sixth inning, a home run hit by Yordan Alvarez of the Astros sent the ball toward where Adams was walking back to his seat after buying the beer. Adams turned to the ball and used his chest to stop it, then picked it up and continued to his seat. The moment quickly went viral and, and after enlisting Twitter’s help to find out who Adams was, Bud Light flew him to Houston for Game 6.

Since then, the beer company has released two tongue-in-cheek sentimental ads paying tribute to Adams. The first, which declares that “not all heroes wear capes,” can be seen below:


The second ad, which you can watch below, implies that Adams may have been responsible for the reversal of fortunes that allowed the Nationals to tie the series in Game 6 and then win it decisively in Game 7.

For those of you wondering, Adams told the Washington Post on Monday that he “didn’t feel a thing” when it happened. We’re still wincing, however.