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Budweiser’s ‘Lost Puppy’ Super Bowl Ad Will Make Football Fans Cry in Their Nachos (Video)

Watch this tear-jerker now to emotionally and mentally prepare for seeing it in public on Sunday

Football fans might want to start pretending there is something in their eye now in advance of Sunday’s big game, because if Budweiser’s newest Clydesdale commercial has anything to say about it, viewers will be bawling by halftime.

In this year’s one-minute-long ad, through a series of unfortunate logistical events, the beer brewer’s adorable puppy gets lost somewhere very far from his stable-full of beloved horses. The determined little guy does what he has to do to get home, while his human owner canvases the neighborhood.

The pooch, filthy and weary from his travels, finally makes it back to his farm — but danger presents itself in the form of a menacing, growling wolf. Things look dicey for a few seconds, but lesson to the carnivore: Don’t mess with the best friend of four enormous Clydesdales — it won’t end well for you.

Cue the waterworks as the horses escort their best bud back home.

Grab a box of tissues and curl up with this commercial:

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