‘Burn Notice’ Trailers: Watch Michael Westen Get Called ‘Bro’ Repeatedly (Video)

Michael Westen’s brother Nate has moved to town — or should we say bro?

Michael Westen has been vexed by many lowlifes and agency stooges in his four-plus season of kicking butt on USA Network's "Burn Notice."

But as we've seen over the years, it's his brother, Nate, who can exasperate him more than any other human he's dealt with.

And rightly so.

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The degenerate gambler has moved to Miami from Las Vegas in an attempt to stay away from temptation, and he seems to be making a real effort to clean his life up in the wake of having a kid.

But as we are reminded repeatedly in Thursday's episode, "Mind Games," the recurring character still has a highly irritating knack for referring to Michael as "bro."

Based on the number of times he uses the party-animal terminology in the following clips, Nate doesn't need Gamblers Anonymous so much as he needs a talking to by the "Don't Tase Me, Bro" guy.