BuzzFeed Launches ‘Only Clinton Emails’ Twitter Account

“I can’t believe the govt is closed again. I guess I will work from home again but I think this is silly,” reads one email from former Secretary of State

Last Updated: September 2, 2015 @ 4:48 PM

Hillary Clinton is probably not tweeting “LOL” right now as BuzzFeed has gone outside the box for coverage of the ongoing Clinton email controversy by launching a Twitter account exclusively dedicated to the topic.

Only Clinton Emails” reports and opines on the ongoing controversy swirling around the Democratic frontrunner’s use of private emails while she was Secretary of State.

Many tweets have screen shots of emails Hillary sent.

Others are sent to Clinton, or “H.”

BuzzFeed created the Clinton-dedicated Twitter account to report on “the most important, strangest and funniest emails from the Clinton email document releases,” according to its bio.

TV news and digital media have covered the Clinton email controversy at length. Predictably conservative media has likened it to Watergate, while more liberal outlets pour cold water on it as a scandal.