CNN’s ‘This Is an Apple’ Ad Inspires Bananas Knock-Knock Joke

TV spot combatting “fake news” accusations gets roasted

Is it true that things aren’t always what they seem, even when you’re looking right at it?

CNN has inspired the question after it released its “Facts First” ad on Monday, addressing Donald Trump’s attacks on the network as “fake news” with the the image of an apple and the line “this is an apple.” Buzzfeed responded to the ad with its own parody, featuring a banana instead of an apple.

The parody video follows a joke that you already know; the classic knock-knock joke in which the teller responds “banana” to the “who’s there” question until it gets annoying. Finally, they respond “orange. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” Buzzfeed tweeted their parody on Tuesday morning, along with a cheeky, “Hey @CNN quick question for you.”

“This is an apple,” the original ad says. “Some people might try to tell you that it’s a banana… But it’s not. It’s an apple.”

CNN’s ad got others joking, teasing the network for inspiring “banana truthers.”

“Cool ad @cnn. So why do you keep having people on your network like @KellyannePolls who insist it’s a banana, kumquat, spying microwave etc?” one Twitter user asked.

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