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BuzzFeed Writer Mocked for Telling People Not to Attack John McCain

Cancer-stricken Arizona senator calls for decency; one critic wishes he would ”rot in hell“

BuzzFeed editor Sarah Mimms may have thought she was saying something pretty uncontroversial when she implored her followers not to say anything bad about cancer-stricken Sen. John McCain. But they weren’t having it.

McCain, who was just diagnosed with a brain tumor, returned to the Senate on Tuesday to vote in favor of opening debate on legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act. McCain also said he would not vote in favor of the current version of the bill, and pleaded for more civility from both the left and right.

Vice President Mike Pence voted yes to break a tie vote, meaning the debate will move forward. And that led some on Twitter to accuse McCain of voting to kill people.

Mimms, a BuzzFeed D.C. editor, suggested before McCain’s appearance that now, when the 80-year-old faces a health crisis, is not the time to attack him. (She declined a request for comment.)

“If you have something sh—y to say about John McCain, here’s a thought: Don’t,” she said. Mimms followed it with another tweet about a half hour later, saying “It’s amazing the number of people who think ‘I’m glad someone has cancer’ is a defensible thing to say. It is not.”

Hundreds of people responded disparagingly, some sticking to the issues, and some not. Here are just a few replies:

One Twitter user pointed out the amount of replies to her comment compared to the amount of “likes.”

After McCain took the Senate floor, she tweeted out what he said: “McCain: “I voted for the MTP… I will not vote for this bill as it is today. It is a shell of a bill right now, we all know that.””

McCain received an outpouring of support after news of his diagnosis broke, including kind words from Barack Obama and Donald Trump.