CAA Forms New India-Based Agency with KWAN Entertainment

CAA and KWAN will open offices in four Indian cities

Last Updated: October 18, 2012 @ 12:37 PM

CAA is moving into the Indian market.

The Hollywood agency has formed a joint venture with Indian talent agency KWAN to represent local talent in India and other South Asian nations, as well as to create more global opportunities for CAA and KWAN’s existing clients.

The partnership with an established from differentiates this project from CAA's satellite office in China, which CAA runs outright.

CAA’s David Taghioff and Caleb Franklin will run the new shop, CAA KWAN, in tandem with KWAN Entertainment & Marketing Solution’s Anirban Das Blah and Indranil “Niel” Blah.

Das Blah is the CEO and managing director of KAWN and Blah is COO.

The new company, based in Mumbai, will have more than 60 employees and have offices in New Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

“India’s robust entertainment industry offers CAA KWAN tremendous opportunities for talent across multiple platforms,” Richard Lovett, President of CAA, said in a statement.  “In a very short period of time, KWAN has intelligently scaled and diversified their business to maximize this thriving marketplace for their clients.  KWAN’s deep network of relationships, local-market knowledge, and collaborative business philosophy make them a powerful partner in furthering CAA’s existing business in India and providing our clients with more opportunities.”

Franklin and Taghioff have served as corporate development executives at CAA, identifying new business opportunities. They targeted India, one of the world’s largest countries with a vibrant and growing entertainment industry.

“We believe that the combination of CAA’s experience, influence, and expertise, with KWAN’s extensive knowledge of the Indian entertainment industry, will enable us to provide an unmatched spectrum of services for our clients,” Das Blah said in a statement.