CAA Losing Top Agent in China (Updated)

CAA agent Peter Loehr had been managing director of the Beijing office since 2005

Peter Loehr is departing CAA

UPDATED at 8:35 p.m. PT

CAA is losing its top agent in China, TheWrap has learned. 

Peter Loehr has been managing director of CAA in China since 2005.

Loehr's associate, Jonah Greenberg, will head the office, according to a person with knowledge of the situation.

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CAA declined to comment, but another person close to the situation told TheWrap that although Loehr does plan to leave, he is still with the agency.

That person also told TheWrap that the office would be run by a team of agents.

Loehr, who speaks perfect Mandarin Chinese, is well regarded in Beijing and is as close to plugged-in in China as a westerner can be. While Greenberg is said to be more effective than many other westerners in China's important and growing film market, he is junior to Loehr.

Loehr, a former executive at the production and distribution company Ming Productions, has produced at least nine movies.

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Loehr moved to Beijing in 1996 to set up the indie studio Imar Film, which was backed by a Taiwanese media company. He already had produced television in Japan and Taiwan.

Earlier this month, the Chinese government's top film official, Han San Ping, visited Los Angeles. Greenberg attended at least one meeting with Han, but Loehr was not along.