Caitlyn Jenner Slammed for ‘Blatant Transphobia’ After Reposting Donald Trump Jr. Meme Mocking Dr. Rachel Levine

California governor candidate shared post targeting the assistant health secretary’s looks

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“Transparent” star Alexandra Billings is not here for any more of Caitlyn Jenner’s comments that put down other transgender women.

After Jenner reposted a meme originally shared on Donald Trump Jr.’s Instagram page that made fun of Assistant Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine‘s looks, Billings fired back with her own post that was several paragraphs long and basically read Jenner for filth.

“It seems to hold true no matter what!!!! Conservative girls are just better looking… maybe that’s why the libs are always outraged for no reason,” Trump Jr. said, sharing a meme that put a photo of Dr. Levine next to Jenner on a red carpet.

Jenner deleted the meme from her Instagram stories (she’d just reposted it with the laughing/crying emoji) but gossip blogger Perez Hilton managed to grab a screenshot.

Billings, a transgender woman who starred as Davina Rejennae during all five seasons of “Transparent,” didn’t stand for Jenner’s apparent endorsement of Trump Jr.’s critique of Levine’s looks and accused her of pandering to Republicans.

“With your private airplane hanger full of lies and your million dollar shoes, you have as much in common with us, as we do with you. It isn’t your Transness people are bothered by, it’s your behavior as a human, Caitlyn. Your profound need to be liked is sadly backfiring,” Billings said. “You are fearful of both yourself and any kind of newness and you navigate with a well of anger in your heart that is deeply disturbing. And apparent to all of us.”

Billings was referencing the interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Jenner gave from her airplane hanger in southern California. Jenner caught heat after the interview for sharing an anecdote that a fellow private hangar owner told her he was packing up and moving to Arizona because he couldn’t stand looking at homeless people in California.

“You have no regard for human kind and no space for the knowledge of it,” Billings continued to tell Jenner. “You are fearful of both yourself and any kind of newness and you navigate with a well of anger in your heart that is deeply disturbing. And apparent to all of us. But again, I see it because I know it.”

Billings took a slightly warmer tone towards Jenner at the end of her post after telling her she sets a “warped” example for “trans youth who believe you to be some sort of super human” and seemed to encourage Caitlyn to take care of her mental health.

“I cannot tell you those terrible voices will ever go away, they haven’t for me, but every day that I am able to navigate that ache of self harm born of my own denial of my divine light, I am just a little bit freer,” Billings said. “Free yourself, Caitlyn. By doing that, you may set the greatest example of your life. And that might turn out to be the most beautiful way you can serve both our state and our community.”

Jenner hasn’t responded to Billings’ critique, but that’s probably because she’s busy mounting a campaign running for California governor in the upcoming recall election against Gavin Newsom.


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