Caitlyn Jenner Wants ‘I Am Cait’ to Go Global: ‘This Is Not an Issue That Has Borders’

TCA 2016: Reality star explains “conscious decision” to make docuseries tonally different from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”

Caitlyn Jenner
speaks onstage during the 'I Am Cait' panel discussion at the NBCUniversal portion of the 2015 Winter TCA Tou at Langham Hotel on January 14, 2016 in Pasadena, California.

Caitlyn Jenner has seen firsthand how much good her E! reality series “I Am Cait” has done for others here in America — and now she wants to do the same around the world.

“This is not an issue that has borders,” the transgender rights advocate said. “This is an issue that is global.”

That’s exactly where she wants her message to reach — and Jenner just hopes that E! lets the cast and crew do a little on-camera globetrotting.

“I would love to take this show global — I want to see what trans issues are all over the world,” Jenner told reporters at Thursday’s Television Critics Association press junket. “There are bigger issues on a global basis.”

Clearly, the sensibilities of “I Am Cait” are not the same as Jenner’s other E! reality show, “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The titular star and tabloid regular said it was a purposeful choice to not copy the tone of her lighter fare.

“It was a conscious decision — I wanted this show to be about the issues,” Jenner said.

She also explained why Season 1 of “I Am Cait” didn’t feature a whole bunch of the Kardashian clan. “This is a different show,” Jenner said, “this is about a serious issue, so I wanted to somewhat keep that distance.”

That’s not a permanent ban, however — there will be more Kardashians on Season 2 of “I Am Cait,” she added. So, saddle up for a little something for everybody when the series returns Sunday, March 6, at 9 p.m. on E!