New Caitlyn Jenner Malibu Car Crash Footage Shows Moment of Impact (Video)

Video of the accident that left one driver dead was captured on security cameras of a public bus

Entertainment Tonight

Newly obtained surveillance video of Caitlyn Jenner’s Malibu accident back in February shows the four-car crash that resulted in the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe.

Jenner — then known as “Bruce” — was driving a Cadillac Escalade and towing a trailer when she hit Howe’s white Lexus and Jessica Steindorff’s black Prius. Howe is also seen hitting Peter Wolf Millesi’s black Hummer.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the footage was captured on security cameras of a public bus on the other side of the road. They were later handed over to the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Authority and may be instrumental in helping determine who was to blame for the accident.

Jenner was not injured and has not been charged with any crimes, though the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department told TheWrap it is still investigating and had no other comment.

At the time, Jenner passed a field sobriety test and provided a blood sample for drug and alcohol testing.

The former Olympian was named in a wrongful death suit filed by Howe’s stepchildren, alleging she had been “careless, negligent and reckless” behind the wheel.

Steindorff filed a personal injury lawsuit for $25,000 against Jenner, also alleging negligent behavior.

Watch the video below.