Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair Cover Gets Transgender Prisoner Chelsea Manning Into Hot Water

Former army intelligence analyst could be ordered to solitary confinement after officials classified the magazine in her possession as contraband

Chelsea Manning faces indefinite solitary confinement at Fort Leavenworth prison as penalty for having a copy of the Vanity Fair Caitlyn Jenner cover in her possession.

The former U.S. army intelligence analyst will have an August 18th hearing that will determine whether she should be punished for what prison officials deemed contraband.

“Here Chelsea is at risk of losing various support networks simply because she had an expired tube of toothpaste, the Vanity Fair magazine that featured Caitlyn Jenner and requested a lawyer when she felt she was being accused of misconduct,” Manning’s lawyer Chase Strangio told BuzzFeed .

Other materials that were taken from Manning’s possession included “The Advocate and “Out” magazines; the Cosmopolitan issue that featured an interview with Manning;  Transgender Studies Quarterly; and a “A Safe Girl to Love,” which is a transgender novel.

Supporters for Manning have launched a petition to halt the prison from taking action.