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California Secession Movement ‘Calexit’ Gets a Collective ‘Well, Bye’ from Twitter

Apparently the Golden State wouldn’t be all that missed if a withdrawal plan went forward

Should California somehow secede from the United States, it appears that the rest of the nation is ready to pack the Golden State’s bags and hold the door for it.

At least, that seems to be the prevailing sentiment on social media, where the term “Calexit” was trending on Wednesday.

With GOP candidate Donald Trump’s presidential win the night before, a small but vocal faction has floated the possibility of California separating from the rest of the nation.

Much of the succession talk emerged from Silicon Valley, in particular Hyperloop One cofounder Shervin Pishevar, who tweeted before the election results were finalized, “If Trump wins I am announcing and funding a legitimate campaign for California to become its own nation. Most patriotic thing to do is to questioning [sic] idea of a federation of states & calling a new constitutional convention for systemic change.”

Early Wednesday, Pishevar was still clinging to the notion, tweeting, “If you support an independent New California please RT.”

Internet entrepreneur and angel investor Jason Calacanis was also taken with the secession idea, writing, “If Trump can win, & after the #brexit, California succession [sic] would be a layup. CA is increasingly more distinct from America.”

“Lol #CalExit good luck financing your social programs without being subsidized by the rest of the country,” another detractor scoffed.

By and large, the Calexit movement has so far been greeted with a mix of eager anticipation and mockery.

“Do it, your state is bankrupt, has no resources, is swarmed with illegals, and always votes blue. Please leave now,” one fan of the notion offered.

“Shocker, generation raised on participation trophies doesn’t know how to lose gracefully,” went another reply.

“I went to film school and I have a better grasp on economics than the #Calexit people,” offered another.

Yet another critic opined that, with the state’s debt, an independent California would have the economic stability of Greece.

So … a full guest list for the going-away party, then?

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