California Supreme Court Rejects Temporary Halt to Same-Sex Marriage

Pro-Prop 8 group wanted gay marriage to stop while their wider challenge works through the high court

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 11:57 AM

Don't cancel those flowers: The California Supreme Court on Monday rejected a pro-Prop 8 group's petition to stop same-sex marriages statewide while it considers their wider legal challenge.

The state's high court shot down last week's request by ProtectMarriage, sponsors of the 2008 ballot measure, which TheWrap previously reported. 

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The group wanted same-sex marriage licenses to halt while the Supreme Court considers its argument that a federal judge’s injunction against the marriage ban only applied to two counties, as well as other legal technicalities.

Legal experts widely expected the California Supreme Court to reject the ProtectMarriage petition, or to kick it to federal courts — which would've essentially had the same effect.

A ruling on the group's original action isn't expected until next month.