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Cameron Diaz and Jimmy Fallon Risked Life and Limb in a Roller Golf Showdown (Video)

It was one of the more unique bits on the ”Tonight Show“ in a while

Promoting your new movie can be dangerous work.

Talk shows have long been platforms for movie stars to get some face time with America and pitch their upcoming project as worthy of viewers’ time and money, and for so many years, the task has been as simple as it sounds. They could smile, tell a stock anecdote, show a clip, and hope for a box office boost.

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Now that Jimmy Fallon is the host of the “Tonight Show,” they really have to work for that promo.

Latest case in point: Cameron Diaz, who joined Fallon on Wednesday to pump up her upcoming comedy, “The Other Woman.” They did the regular schmoozing and giggling, sure, but then it got a bit physically demanding. Diaz and Fallon strapped on some rollerblade shoe extensions, grabbed a golf club and let loose on a makeshift race course, more or less playing hockey with a golf ball along a loop inside the studio.

It didn’t end well for Jimmy (other than the fact that now we’re posting the video, which was the goal along).