Canadian Invasion: CW Picks up ’18 To Life’

Canadian sitcom about a young married couple comes to American airwaves Aug. 3

The Canadian teen sitcom "18 To Life" is coming to America, after the CW picked up the series to begin airing episodes starting August 3. 

The show follows a pair of married recent high school grads as they learn to navigate co-habitation– and their in-laws. In Quebec, "18 to Life" is called "Majeurs et Maries," which is roughly translated as, "Old People And Married Ones." 

Season one of "18 To Life" premiered on the CBC in Canada in January, 2010. Shooting is currently underway on season two, which will be 13 episodes long. The second season of "18 To Life" will air on CBC in January 2011. 

An official Twitter page for the show said the CW, "bought season one with options on future seasons."

"18 To Life" began as a partnership between the CBC and ABC, which had the U.S. rights to the show. It was the first such collaboration between a Canadian network and an American one. ABC later dropped out of the project.