Candace Owens Gets Gently Dunked on by Sarah Silverman Over ‘Women Who Don’t Marry’ Tweet

“My heart breaks for you, Candy,” comedian writes to conservative activist

sarah silverman
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Oh, baby; it seems like Candace Owens tried to give birth to a social-media spat Wednesday. But her effort was killed with kindness by comedian Sarah Sillverman.

Owens, of the conservative student group Turning Point USA, took aim at Silverman and other childless single women Wednesday, pondering whether “something bio-chemically happens” to women who don’t have children or husbands. In the tweet she specifically called out Silverman, along with her fellow comedians Chelsea Handler and Kathy Griffin.

“Interesting theory presented to me at lunch. Do you guys think something bio-chemically happens to women who don’t marry and/or have children? ” Owens tweeted. “Evidentiary support: @chelseahandler @kathygriffin @SarahKSilverman.”

Silverman smothered the potential fire before it could start, telling Owens that her “heart breaks for you.”

“It seems to me that by tweeting this, you would like to maybe make us feel badly. I’d say this is evidenced by ur effort to use our twitter handles so we would see,” Silverman replied. “My heart breaks for you, Candy. I hope you find happiness in whatever form that takes.”

Owens essentially snatched the olive branch from Silverman’s hand with her teeth and spat it out, accusing Silverman of supporting terrorists.

“You’ve spent the last week defending terrorists and MS-13,” Owens responded. “You do this in the same breath that you criticize our President and his supporters. The break in your heart doesn’t concern me. Your break from reality does.”

Which surely means something that we’d be happy to explain, if only we hadn’t misplaced our Derp-to-English dictionary.

Anyway, the exchange is below.