Teenage Candice Bergen Went on a Date With Donald Trump (Video)

“I was home very early,” the “Murphy Brown” star recalls for Stephen Colbert

The titular character on “Murphy Brown” once went on a date with Donald Trump. That plot point was borrowed by star Candice Bergen’s real life.

Yes, Bergen went on a date with Trump.

“I was very young. I was about 18. Trump and I are about the same age — or as he would point out, I’m about six months older. And it was when I was at Penn,” the CBS star told Stephen Colbert on Wednesday. “I might have invented this because it’s so perfect, but I think he was wearing a burgundy suit, with a burgundy vest and burgundy patent leather boots and was in a burgundy limousine. It was kind of a symphony in burgundy.”

“He looked like a big bruise,” Colbert interjected to laughter.

“I was home very early,” Bergen recalled.

Watch her recap the date via the video above.

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