James Corden, One Direction’s Niall Horan Sing Your New Favorite Halloween Anthem (Video)

This might actually be better than the Ginuwine song they’re parodying

It’s Friday/let’s do it/Laugh at/James Corden.

The CBS “Late Late Show” host and his pal Niall Horan from One Direction parodied Ginuwine’s “Pony” last night with Halloween anthem, “Candy.”

“I’m just a Batman/looking for some Pop Rocks./Something with sweet inside/you look like the right Fun Size,” Corden kicks the music video off.

And that’s nowhere near the last or best candy pun of the pre-taped sketch.

Here’s another good one: “Girl, when you break me off a Kit-Kat/I’m gonna make your Tootsie Pop.” That was Horan’s line.

“I’m Captain Sugar Daddy/’cause I’m about to Starburst/who’s it gonna Juju-be?/I give it to you Good & Plenty,” Corden croons.

Back to Horan: “I love you Now & Later/and girl you just so Red Hot/You just gotta Charleston Choose/I’ll Crush your Candy ’til you say stop.”


Watch the video above.