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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Star Chris Evans Plays a Game of ‘Chilly Willy’ With Jimmy Fallon (Video)

Also named Frozen Blackjack, the loser gets a pitcher of ice water poured down his pants

“Captain America: Civil War” star Chris Evans stopped by “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to play a new game that involved a lot of ice.

“Captain America was frozen for 70 years, so we’re going to see who gets frozen today — the game is called Frozen Blackjack,” said Jimmy Fallon before the duo started a game of old fashion Blackjack.

Evans was feeling extra competitive, and revealed the twist of the game.

“Twist is, the winner gets to pour a pitcher of water,” he told Fallon. “You see this? It’s ice water! I should have made that clear: It’s going to go down your pants, big guy!”

With a funnel of water being shoved down Fallon’s pants and a bucket of ice water going down the tube, Fallon screamed out in pain, “I hate this game!”

Evans was next to lose, and Fallon got his revenge with the ice. Before the final round began, Fallon said, “Chilly Willy is another name for this game.”

The big loser of the night was Captain America himself, who got a huge canister of ice water poured not just down his pants but all over himself.

“Captain America: Civil War” hits theaters on Friday.

Watch the video above.