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Cara Delevingne’s Latest Awkward Exchange With ‘Paper Towns’ Author John Green Caps Awful Week

Recently infamous actress proves that she’s not terribly familiar with John Green’s work after all

Apparently, Cara Delevingne really isn’t very familiar with John Green’s work.

“Paper Towns” actress Delevingne, who raised eyebrows and made headlines this week thanks to an exceedingly awkward interview on “Good Day Sacramento,” had another cringe-worthy moment on Thursday, which this time played out on the stage of social media.

Delevingne has been under fire the past few days after an interview in which she sarcastically claimed to have not read the John Green novel that her movie is based on — or, for that matter, the movie’s script. She also claimed to “hate” her character, Margo.

The model/actress found time to shove the other foot in her mouth, after Green wrote an impassioned defense of her.

The exchange started out pleasantly enough, with Delevingne posting a passage reading, in part, “Cara, however, refuses to stick to the script. She refuses to indulge lazy questions and refuses to turn herself into an automaton to get through long days of junketry. I don’t find that behavior entitled or haughty.”

“Whoever said this! Thank you so much!”

And then the awkwardness ensued, as Green quickly pointed out that, um, he had.

“That was me!” Green tweeted back, later linking to his full essay about the interview.

Delevingne had a busy day on social media Thursday, mostly rushing to her own defense.

“I work really hard and love what I do, I don’t feel like I need to apologize for being human,” Delevingne wrote, including the hashtag “#sorrynotsorry.”

She also declared that she is very grateful, despite all appearances from the interview.

“I am soooooo lucky and anyone who thinks I am unappreciative or ungrateful clearly doesn’t know me,” Delevingne insisted.

In case you missed it, watch the interview that started it all below.