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Cara Delevingne Responds to Fiasco Over Cranky ‘Good Day Sacramento’ Interview

“Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour,” the “Paper Towns” actress says

Cara Delevingne has broken her silence after a painfully awkward interview with “Good Day Sacramento” that set the internet ablaze this week, saying that her sense of humor and sarcasm are just beyond some people’s understanding.

“Paper Towns” actress Delevingne took to Twitter on Wednesday to set the record straight, explaining, “Some people just don’t understand sarcasm or the British sense of humour.”

Shortly thereafter, the 22-year-old tweeted, “Thanks for your support,” though it was followed by a link to a page bearing the heading, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

It’s unclear on whether the incomplete message was an example of the British humor or sarcasm that apparently eludes many mere mortals. However, she then tweeted, “*sarcasm,” a message that TheWrap has forwarded to a renowned sarcasm expert for analysis.

Delevingne was defended by some and maligned by many after footage of her “Good Day Sacramento” interview went viral, revealing a cringe-worthy exchange between the actress and the anchors.

During the interview, Delevingne had a frosty back-and-forth with her interrogators from KMAX-TV. Asked whether she had read the John Green novel that the movie was based on, the actress — speaking via satellite in New York — shot back, “No, I never read the book or the script actually, I kind of winged it.”

Quizzed on whether she had anything in common with her “Paper Towns” character Margo, she replied, “No, I actually hate her.”

Eventually, one of the anchors brought the interview to a close, saying, “We’ll let you go then, how ’bout that? Why don’t you go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull?”

The savaging of the actress continued after the interview, with one anchor opining, “You make $5 million for six weeks of work, you can pretend to talk to ‘Good Day Sacramento’ with some voomph!”

Since the video lit up the Web, Delevingne has encountered her share of detractors, including the women of “The View,” who took on the interview during Wednesday’s episode.

“When you’re a famous movie star and you get to go on a local news show to promote a movie that you want people to spend $18 to go watch, you don’t get to act like a bitch,” Nicolle Wallace offered.

“There’s professional and there’s unprofessional … we’re checking you, babe; we’re checking you,” Whoopi Goldberg added. “That was not the way to handle that, Cara.”

Watch the interview below.