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Cara Delevingne’s Love Affair With Paparazzi Gets a Heavy Push (Video)

The model-turned-actress shoves photographer during outing at Paris Fashion Week

It seems Cara Delevingne is less of an Enchantress when it comes to the Parisian paparazzi.

The model gave one photographer a heavy shove when swarmed by paparazzi while going to lunch with best friend Kendall Jenner at l’Avenue in Paris.

In the moments leading up to the push, Delevingne can be seen constantly looking back at someone not visible in the video, before she takes a running start and throws herself into a pull body shove. The model ran away laughing before reuniting with Jenner inside the restaurant.

This physical assail comes just a few weeks after Delevingne vocally expressed her outrage about the paparazzi on Twitter, on which she posted a series of tweets claiming that she feels like a “zoo animal.”

“The paparazzi only get worse! I am not complaining but I just find it sad that I can’t live in my own city because for that reason,” Delevingne began. “Also to the guys in Milan! I only cover my face when you are rude to me, please do not make me feel like a zoo animal.”

Before then, she made headlines when the “Paper Towns” actress appeared on morning news program “Good Day Sacramento” to promote her movie, and wound up being mocked by the crew after a brief but exceedingly awkward exchange.

The mood grew increasingly tense as Delevingne, answering questions via satellite from New York, appeared annoyed by the questions from KMAX-TV’s news anchors.

The anchors asked whether she was “exhausted” or “irritated,” telling the model-turned-actress to “go take a little nap, maybe get a Red Bull.”

Watch the video.