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‘Carpool Karaoke': Cardi B Performs for Maybe 20 Senior Citizens – Maybe (Video)

It went better than when James Corden tried to teach her how to drive

Cardi B told James Corden that she gets shy when performing at private functions. To help her get over this fear, the “Late Late Show” host made her rap to like 20 senior citizens at some sort of jazzercise class on Monday’s “Carpool Karaoke.”

Somehow, that went over better than when the CBS personality tried to teach the former stripper from the Bronx how to drive.

Letting Cardi get behind the wheel of his Range Rover was a bad, bad idea, which is something Corden and his cameramen learned pretty quickly while shooting this segment. Be grateful this morning that you’re not a cone or a flag in her parking lot path, dear reader.

Later, Corden tries his best at Cardi’s obsession, ASMR, which is some super-weird (non-sexual, we think) YouTube sensation in which one eats or speaks softly on a microphone. It’s supposed to be relaxing, we guess.

Corden’s attempts at conducting some autonomous sensory meridian response generated the following reactions from Cardi B: “That sounds perverted,” “That’s nasty,” and “Now you sound like you’re kind of taking a s–t.”

We don’t think he’s doing it right.

Oh right, and they also sing her hits during the pre-taped segment.

Watch the video above.